- About Us -

Dark Horse Performance strives to be the industry's leading resource for remote strength, conditioning, and nutrition. We are not a cookie-cutter program & we deliver one-on-one programming for all goal types, skill levels, and elite competitors. We are a veteran owned and operated company that only believes in scientific proven principles that work for you!


We are different because of our consult and assessment phases. We develop a program for you based on your strengths, weaknesses, and competition status/goals. Delivered by regular feedback, communication between coach and athlete, our training is efficient & practical for you to reach your goals.




  • Workouts directly emailed to you daily.
  • Every exercise includes a demo video.
  • Automatically records all training and results.
  • Upload and send videos to receive direct feedback from your coach.
  • Includes a messaging feature to instantly communicate with your coach.

Who do we work with? ANYONE!

We have specialized programs for:

  • CrossFit Athletes (from beginner to highly competitive)
  • Powerlifters
  • Olympic Lifters
  • Strongman Competitors
  • Military/First Responder
  • Triathletes & Endurance Sports
  • Field Sport Athletes/Track & Field
  • General Population 


We have Tactical Training programs specifically for Military & First Responders.

We also provide power/endurance training for High School, College, and Pro-Field Sport Athletes.

We don’t stop there, we also customize a program for the person sitting on the couch all day just looking for a change. Dark Horse Performance is truly for EVERYONE.


Based on our experience and top trainers and methods Developed from studying top strength and conditioning coaches around the world we have developed a model that works.