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Overtraining and Nutrition

By Dark Horse Performance Director of Performance Nutrition: Lindsey Guard It is easy as an athlete to fall into the deceptive pattern of long, strenuous and consistent training with little ...
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By: Lindsey Guard, Owner of Peak Functional Nutrition & DHP Director of Performance Nutrition At PFN, we generally don’t like to push too many supplements onto our members. We believe ...
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By Lindsey Guard How we process dietary protein: First, let’s understand the role of protein within the body. Protein is primarily not used as energy as it is “metabolically expensive” ...
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By: Lindsey Guard Carbohydrate consumption is arguably one of the biggest factors in determining your body’s ability to adequately train, perform and recover in mixed-sport training and competition. Carbohydrates will ...
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Dietary Fat

By: Lindsey Guard, Dark Horse Performance Nutrition Coach. To best understand fat and the ways in which it most benefits our diet is to first understand that we are all ...
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Common Athlete Injuries: Shoulder Tendinopathy

  Author: Dr. Spencer Lindholm Anyone who has suffered a shoulder injury can tell you that they are not fun to deal with and (if left untreated) tend to linger ...
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Strength Training Principles: The Intermediate Athlete

After months and sometimes even a year, progression methods that we used for the beginner will no longer work. A​dding weight to the bar from workout to workout in all ...
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Sports Injury & Common CrossFit Injuries By Dr. Spencer Lindholm

Author: Dr. Spencer Lindholm   “If your training and preparation is just as rigorous as every other athlete than it truly comes down to who can recover smarter, faster, and ...
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Strength Training Principals: The Beginner

  This phase of an athletes training is arguably the most important, if done correctly this time will set the trainee up for great success in his or her future. ...
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Strength Training: Basic Principals

Over the next four weeks we will dive into basic strength training principles that hopefully not only coach’s but athletes as well will take something away. We will not be ...
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Functional Knee Valgus

Functional Knee Valgus in a Barbell Squat  Download a pdf copy here. One of the most common lower leg dysfunction we see in athletes, particularly general population is functional knee ...
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Dark Horse Performance Website, Now Live

We are excited to announce that Dark Horse Performance website is now live and fully operational! Stay posted for educational and thoughtful articles written by professionals in the scope of ...
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