Justin Biays Bio Photo

Head CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Justin Biays

Justin is the founder and head coach of Dark Horse Performance. He is a former United States Army 11B (infantry). He served 1 tour of duty in Afghanistan, realizing quickly that standard gym routines did not cut it for the duties he was expected to perform. He found his love for "Functional Fitness" returning from Afghanistan, then he decided it was time to try CrossFit. After leaving the Army in 2012 he attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in nutrition.

Jake Eustrom Bio Photo

CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jake Eustrom

Jake started coaching in 2012 after receiving his Crossfit Level 1 certification, he also spent a good amount of time in the medical industry as a field and clinical EMT before becoming a full-time Crossfit coach. Jake's passion for fitness, nutrition, and teaching enables him to offer and extend his knowledge to those that have the desire to make a change in their lives. In Jake's opinion, Crossfit is not only about fitness and health but also a chance to challenge one's mental and emotional boundaries. If you have the desire to overcome physical, mental and emotional limitations then Darkhorse performance is definitely for you.

Beau Dorning Bio Photo

Head Powerlifting & Strongman Coach

Beau Dorning

Beau is an Air Force veteran and multi-discipline athlete from San Diego, CA. Working with CrossFit athletes, powerlifters, and college and professional football players, Beau is accustomed to high horsepower athletes and hard, diligent work.

Throughout his career, Beau has been fortunate to have been mentored by renowned strength and conditioning coaches, movement experts, and seasoned veterans of the game. It was through their expertise, literature, and countless trips back to the drawing board that helped build the philosophy and belief system that guides his coaching today.

Forever a student of his craft, Beau is always looking to strengthen and question his understanding of human movement and performance.

CrossFit Coach-Austin-Bartosh

Head Olympic Lifting & Field Sport Coach

Austin Bartosh

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Austin has been passionate about sports and being competitive all his life. He grew up playing sports and started working out when He was thirteen years old, which is where he knew he wanted a career helping others with their fitness.

Austin began his career as a personal trainer when he was nineteen years old and received his Bachelors in Physical Education with an emphasis in Strength & Conditioning from Coe College. For two and a half years Austin was an assistant strength & conditioning coach at Coe College, working with a variety of sports and learning underneath some highly knowledgeable coaches.

In December of 2016, he moved to Colorado to have a new experience in life and started coaching CrossFit and have had the opportunity to be a part of Jared Enderton’s Functional Fitness Seminar Team.

Tyler DarkHorse CrossFit Training

Assistant Head CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tyler Yoder

Tyler has always been involved in sports. He began as a middle schooler competing in track and field and football and continued through high school. It was in middle school that he saw that to throw the shot put and discus farther, he would need to lift weights to get stronger. This naturally carried over into every aspect of his sport performances.

In his first year of college at the University of Colorado he began trying to train for athletics at the collegiate level. His goal was to walk on to the football team but ended up pursuing rugby. He found that strength and conditioning was the mechanism that allowed him to reach the strength and fitness demands of his new sport.

While in college, he found CrossFit as another mechanism to give himself a competitive edge in rugby without detracting from his studies in Integrative Physiology and Business Management. He has taken courses in nutrition, health and performance, biomechanics, exercise physiology and motor learning.

Fitness has always been his passion and he has found that the opportunity to perform at any level in any sport will always fall back onto the athlete’s level of training.


Head Nutrition Coach

Griffin Zigrang

Griffin was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 when she stumbled upon crossfit.com and started doing the WODs at her local globo gym. She was immediately hooked. After moving to CO in 2014 she joined her first affiliate and never looked back.

Griffin was a gymnast from the time she could toddle until she was a 14-year old Level 9/10. She was forced to quit due to scoliosis and the inevitable, spinal fusion surgery. After surgery, she moved on to power tumbling, competitive cheerleading, and competitive dance, but gymnastics was a passion that, years later, she still hasn't gotten over. You will see evidence of this in her coaching as she focuses on movement, proper body positions, and strict strength.

Most recently, Griffin obtained her Level 1 Certification with the Nutritional Coaching Institute and she's been bursting with excitement and information to share with her clients. Helping folks reach their nutrition goals is one of the most rewarding things that she has experienced. Focusing on the individual is critical and understanding that many life factors come into play when working toward our health and nutrition-related goals is at the crux of her coaching.

Pre-CrossFit, Griffin earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Longwood University and Master of Art in Organizational Behavior and Program Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. She did program evaluation work in the public sector, both at the federal and local levels, for six years before acknowledging that the fitness world was where she needed to be.


Strength and Conditioning Coach

Michelle Kinney

Michelle was a 3-sport NCAA Division 1 athlete at Mississippi State University (Softball, Track, Cross Country) and is a 4-time individual CrossFit Games competitor. Her CrossFit Games finishes were: 10th in 2010, 17th in 2011, 8th in 2013, and 12th in 2014. She also currently holds 3 Guinness World Records for most Burpee Pullups in one minute and most weight lifted by Atlas Stone in one and three minutes.  So, she is no stranger to training or competition, as she has spent her entire life competing in some avenue.

Her first year at the CrossFit Games was in 2010, which was also the first year the event took place at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. She has witnessed and experienced first-hand the growth of the sport of fitness from then until now. Throughout her years competing, she was able to learn from some of the world’s best coaches and apply that to her training as well as her coaching. She has been a CrossFit affiliate owner (CrossFit Park Hill in Denver, CO) since 2012 and has been programming for athletes of all backgrounds and abilities for the last 7 years. She finds fulfillment through inspiring and guiding others to be the best versions of themselves, whether it be CrossFit competitors or normal people just trying to get fitter.