Dark Horse Performance Website, Now Live

Welcome to DarkHorse PerformanceWe are excited to announce that Dark Horse Performance website is now live and fully operational!

Stay posted for educational and thoughtful articles written by professionals in the scope of Performance & Recovery as well as Blog Style Programming.

Feel free to leave feedback to our coaches.

-Justin Biays

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Justin Biays

Justin is the founder and head coach of Dark Horse Performance. He is a former United States Army 11B (infantry). He served 1 tour of duty in Afghanistan, realizing quickly that standard gym routines did not cut it for the duties he was expected to perform. He found his love for "Functional Fitness" returning from Afghanistan, then he decided it was time to try CrossFit. After leaving the Army in 2012 he attended the Metropolitan State University of Denver, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in nutrition.

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