Our remote individualized programming includes a sport specific assessment testing strength, endurance, corrective exercise & nutrition guidance. 
This is not to be confused with a personal training model. There is a high degree of direct coaching and involvement with Remote Individualized Programming clients without the hourly rate associated with personal training. Here, a coach works with an individual athlete remotely to design workouts and achieve a specific goal.

Our One-On-One Personal Training Program takes the guesswork out of the development of a workout.  We specialize in one on one personal training, thus helping you achieve your goals without the "big gym" atmosphere.

Prime benefit to our one on one experience with our professionals is that we're trained in helping you focus on your workout.  Helping you put any inequities to the side and help you re-focus on bigger goals that you thought were impossible.


Our Tactical Strength & Conditioning Program is designed to help you increase performance, readiness, and longevity while decreasing the likelihood of fitness-related injuries.

Our TSAC program follow the same steps as our other programs, in that we have a consultation, assessment, and testing. After all the individual results, this program is combined with the unique needs of a first responder.

TSAC programs allow our coaches to design & prepare you to be far more successful in police/fire academies, police specialty groups (such as SWAT), military basic training (boot camp), military special forces selection phases, military global deployment, and much more.


We obtain the most powerful skills in corrective exercises. Probably one of the most important components of a comprehensive exercise program, Corrective Exercise Specialization will assist every individual regardless of athletic ability, fitness level,  or any degree of dysfunction that increases the chance for injury.

Most athletes have some muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility, or lack of core and joint stability. This is where CES is needed, and we create an "integrated corrective exercise training program" to help aid you in remaining injury free.

Our CES programs incorporate static postural assessments, health risk appraisal, inhibitory techniques, compensation for corrective joint impairments just to name a few. We help our athletes understand actual human movement impairments and much more that even help many of our clients become trainers themselves, such as certified massage therapists, etc.  


Our affiliate programming is a one of a kind, 100% online or in person overall training program that you implement daily with your Gym/Box.

The Dark Horse Performance Affiliate Program (DHPAP) is fully managed and was created by our professional staff.  We don't only provide you with a dedicated resource management program, but a direct contact with your designated affiliate manager to help you troubleshoot any issues you may need help with. 

DHPAP provides fitness training solutions that are not time-consuming but provide maximum results for busy people too such as professionals, parents, business people, gyms that operate in one-hour block sessions, etc..


Our Nutrition Programing services are the perfect companion to your current personal training and exercise regimen. Typical personal training guides will try to shove a boilerplate nutrition plan in your face, but that's not how we get things done.


Good Sources Of Protein

  • Lean meats
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Quinoa
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Soy

Work With Us

We are impacting people of all walks of life. We will help to motivate you and teach you how to take your training one day at a time. 

Get expert advice for your particular lifestyle and let us help you cross the finish line as a walker, runner or record breaker!